B.A. in Marriage

Today is our 4th anniversary. If we were in university, we would have earned a B.A. in marriage by now! Some think it’s more of a science than an art, but I stand firm that love and marriage is always changing just like art. Over the years we’ve learned many things that keep our relationship new and yet consistent all at the same time. We have learned how to be independent and yet dependent on one another. Together we have grown closer to each other and our life vision has become more clear. We have rooted for one another, supported one another on tough days, and we have loved one another through it all. Marriage is not just about happiness, but about becoming a whole person.


A beautiful moment captured by Zach Hodgson


Marriage is about discovering anew your partner everyday. It is about loving and serving your partner, who also happens to be a fallible human like yourself. It is about humility and grace and being drawn to the One who created us all. Marriage is about choosing to love and be loved in your most ugly moments. Marriage is also about having FUN together! Even if you have different interests, having shared fun time together is so important.


We spent our 4th anniversary at Disneyland!


Here’s to a wonderful new year of marriage and an epic new year of life together. Bring it on, 2015!!


Happy New Year from Team Jander!



Hace Dos Años

Two years ago, we celebrated with all our closest family and friends for our wedding in Calliote Canyon situated in the hills of Ojai, California. Here are some photos of the best day of my life…









million thanks goes out to our friends and family that made our wedding (and three receptions) happen beautifully. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and rooting for Team Jander. So much love!





PS – If you want to read about some funny, but true New Year’s traditions… check out this link. Mexico made the list at number three!


PPS – We have lived in 5 different houses this year and are so excited to stay put in one spot for the next two years! Post on our new digs coming soon. ❤

Weekly Update: Wedding Website

Wooohooo!! Our wedding website is officially up and raring to go! Once we send out our invitations, people can start RSVPing online. I’m SO excited to have spreadsheets of people’s RSVPs rather than cards coming in the mail (although, of course it IS fun to get all those cards in the mail). But this website & our blog is truly the best way for people to get connected to our wedding efforts and such.


We are feeling totally energized by the fact we made a H-U-G-E to-do list for the next TWO months. Energized and empowered… at least that’s how we’re feeling at the moment. It’s going to take some serious group effort to get there, but it’s all going to work out… I just know it!!


Other news: Russell and Noelle return from their honeymoon today!! Three weeks honeymooning around Europe! Woohoo!!

Other, other news: Me and my closest girls are flying to Southern California for the weekend! They are accompanying me to SoCal for some sunshine and fun. My aunties & cousins are throwing me a shower and I am SOOOO excited!!! (Lots of pictures next week, I promise!)


Life is beautiful!!! And don’t forget to check out our wedding website at www.teamjander.com!!


Love from Crunchy-Leaves-Seattle,


Weekly Update: Registry is Complete!

Hello, hello!


We officially finished our registry. *Whew* If you’ve ever been married, you know what a feat that is!!! It took Neal and I many, many hours to make decisions about our new home. Totally worth the work because we had a TOTAL BLAST making decisions about our future home together!!! (: We have everything from kitchen gadgets to bedding to power cords on our registry. We’re pretty sure we didn’t overlook anything, but maybe we did… I guess we will have to just wait until we unpack all our things together.


For the record, Neal kept saying, “Why are we putting these things on our registry? It only costs $10/$15/$20…” I kept telling him that those things seriously start adding up when starting a home/family/life together. Hopefully he understands it once we start unpacking and we realize we lack a certain rug/curtain/lamp for our place of living.


Anyway, we also went house hunting this weekend, bought my wedding band (!), ordered our paper, finalized our invitation design, created our budget, tried on wedding attire (for NJ at least, mine is at the tailors!), laughed, smiled, and cried some. I’ve been sick now for 4 days and it’s driving me crazy. The weekend was nice and relaxing since Neal was here to keep my sick  body company all day and night. But now that it’s Monday, I watched the entire second season of Full House. Full House?! Yes, Full House. I hope I can go to work tomorrow cause I can’t stand being sick for one more day!


Uhm, yes. Back to the weekly update… Our registry is complete!!!! Feel free to take a look and let me know if I forgot anything! (:



Hugs from the sick one, ChelseaB

The Mass Jar Collection

Aye, Aye, Aye! Hokay, so I hope you have all been collecting jars for Neal and I. Seattle people, we’re going to start collecting, cleaning, and counting the jars you have collected over the past few months. Only have a few? That’s okay! Have boxes and boxes? That’s okay too! Have none at all? Not okay! 🙂 Keep collecting over the next few months and we may forgive you… Just kidding!


Anyway, let us know how we can get the jars from you. We will hug you for all your hard work. Just connect up with us via e-mail, text, call, Facebook, etc. THANK YOU!!!


We also have another request for HELP. And it also includes glass! We are planning on stashing water on the tables, but buying 30 glass bottles for one day seems rather wasteful, doesn’t it?! Here is where you come in… We are looking to collect 30 CLEAR glass bottles like these:

La Madre says that these bottles are Tejava bottles or any beverages from Trader Joe’s. I’m sure any clear glass bottles will do, though! Thank you so much for helping out. You all are simply amazing!!!


x’s and o’s,

Chelsea Beth

Weekly Update: Jander Wedding!

Weekly update: Russell and Noelle are officially married! The two tied the knot on October 9th, 2010 at 5pm. Neal was in the wedding party — he did LOTS of work for the wedding. I did the flowers for the ceremony and such. We both had a FANTASTIC time with the Jander/Moore crew this past weekend. A big thank you to all the Texas family for coming out. I had such a great time getting to make some memories with y’all!

Between bachelor parties, bridal showers, work parties, wedding festivities, family time and clean-up — we’ve had no real time for our own wedding planning. It’s all coming together as the bigger pieces are finalized. We have places to party, food to eat, and things to eat the food off of. Oh… and we have music for dancing. The details are, well, I would say falling into place… but that would infer that they are happening on their own. So I rephrase… the details are getting pushed into place, which is so exciting!

Here are a few pictures from Russell and Noelle’s beautiful wedding!

So excited that the Jander clan is one step closer to final formation!! And SO excited to have a a girl in the family… FINALLY! Congrats, you two. Have an amazing honeymoon traveling all through Europe! We love you both so much!

Cheers, CB

Weekly Update: California Trip

Hello, Hello.

As some of you may have been aware, I was in California last weekend getting some things done. My mom and I planned every hour out — being super efficient! We had a lot of fun too, don’t get me wrong. It was just a lot of work! Also, I would like to add that it was 110 degrees!! Here are a few things we accomplished that weekend…

We mixed:

Got muddy, and rolled flower seed bombs:

The next day we stamped:

And folded napkins:

And partied with the birthday girl:

Monday was spent in Ojai with my dear friend, Laura. We looked at the ceremony site and visited with the caterer. We picked out place settings and ate some dinner. We were pooped, but decided to go shopping at Nordie Rack! We bought some very fun things. (:

Tuesday was spent around the OC, trying to get some last minute things tied up. Met with the DJ and my dear (married!) friend Caitlin. Got a massage! Yippeee. Ran some other errands and tried to relax with Mommy Dearest! Then to the airport for my standby flight home.

Such an exhausting, but productive weekend. A special thanks goes out to Kristen, Hayley, Mariah, Aunt Jeany, Cousin Rachel, Angela, Dad, Sherman, Kristen (again!), Laura, Caitlin, and of course… La Madre! I couldn’t have done it without all your help!!

And a shout out to my future husband who worked the entire weekend in Bothell, helping his dad clean out and organize the attic!!! Woohoo! ❤

So much love,


Weekly Update: Registry and Invites

This week was very busy… with work, wedding things, and our wonderful family. Work has been busy with training new volunteers. Working 50-60 hours a week is not conducive to having a life outside of work. Wedding things have been keeping us busy, not only are we advancing on wedding plans, but also making important decisions on our life together. And family. You see, Neal’s brother (Russell) is getting married in a few weeks. Russell and Noelle (his bride!) came down from Bellingham this weekend because Neal’s dad was preaching the sermon that weekend. I also threw Noelle a shower last weekend! Like I said, busy…

Alright, so here’s an update on invitations! We met with Zach about a month ago for our initial consultation. He listening to our ideas and to the things we did not like. He came back with a sample and then we decided to go in a different direction. This new direction is the right direction. Hooray!! We’re just working on the fine tuning of it all and hoping to get them out in a few weeks. We have the rest of our ideas down, now it’s just about getting our design elements on the rest of those ideas. I am so excited to see the finished product!!

Secondly, we finally got our registry up and running! After a lot of thought, we decided to register through New American Dream at their Alternative Gift Registry. Basically, instead of having a registry with one company, we are asking that you be the bargain shopper and buy what you like! Take for example an iron. We need an iron to do it’s basic functions. We do not care what brand we get, as long as it takes the wrinkles out of things! So, if you choose to give us this gift… you could buy whatever brand, style, functions you wanted–as long as it gets the wrinkles out! You could even get us a nice second hand one and we would be happy! On the other hand, there are some specific things that we want… like our dishes! We really love the turquoise Fiestaware dishes. You can buy the sets pretty much anywhere–Macy’s, Kohl’s, even Amazon.com! You can buy our turquoise dishes at any one of those places and you can get the best deal! On the other hand, Lastly, we are asking for some second-hand items. Nothing fancy, just as long as it works. We are really excited about it. Check out our registry here: www.alternativegiftregistry.org

Those are my updates for now! Happy first day of Fall. Seattle is sure ready for it! Have a fantastic Wednesday. And make sure to smile. The weekend is almost here!!!

Love from Seattle,