The In Between Poems, Part 3

Part 1 // Part 2

This is the final installment of Anthony McPherson‘s poems written based on notes from an interview. The author is not me, but the sentiments and emotions are mine.



When you say goodbye,

No one leaves,

Not until everyone glues plans to each other.

Do the stars know that the constellations exist?

The future used to be as big as the sky,

Now, it’s a bunch of agendas in a jar.

Every step I take is scheduled.

How can you run free when you’re always a step ahead of yourself?

It’s already tomorrow

I need to make resolutions for the year after next.

Fireworks are no longer spontaneous –

They’re marked down for two days out of the year.

Am I calendar?

Am I dates and windows, matched with pictures of exotic locations that most people will never see?

On what day do I fulfill my purpose?


If Elvis were to come back to the world,

Everyone in my family would fall still.

He’d tell them about heaven,

But no matter what he says,


Their mind will imagine clouds.

As hectic life rips the months out of us like pages,

Elvis will eventually become a normal celebrity.

A tabloid magazine

That people might pick up

Glance through

But probably won’t buy.


Thank you to those who have been intentional about reconnecting with us during this time of transition. To those who have invited us to dinner or let us stay in your guest room, your hospitality and generosity will not be forgotten. Thank you to friends and family that have cheered us up with packages and rallied behind us with loving phone calls, emails, and texts. Thanks to those that have listened to our stories and cared about the endings.


We are so thankful for the amazing friends and family in our lives.


With gratitude,




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