Lessons Learned: Lost Archives

In our first year of living in Mexico, we published a blog every month regarding some of our lessons learned that month. After those first 12 months, it started becoming more difficult to come up with new content. Not that we were experts, but that the new-ness and unfamiliarity had worn off. We felt more at home and less like outsiders. Our reasoning began to align with that of a local. When I was cleaning out the draft section, I found some old lessons learned in our blog archives.


  1. Tamales are the breakfasts of champions. Our favorites were cheese and blackberry tamales, sort of like a blackberry cheesecake tamale – or maybe the lime coconut flavor! Traditional mole poblano or rajas are reliably good as well.
  2. Sometimes you find a burger in the middle of the desert. No joke! We were hunting for food in a very small town about 2 hours away from the capitol. Absolutely nothing looked viable. Lo and behold, Pink Burger. A copy of the best Californian-style burgers.
  3. Being patriotic is a good thing. You should love your country and know it’s history.
  4. Vacation is whatever you want it to be. Sometimes you just need to decompress and get away. Reading a book in your hotel room is perfectly acceptable. Adventures will be there when you’re done enjoying your down time!
  5. Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere, but constructive conversation might. Ask about what can be improved instead of taking it personally. That is – of course – after you verbally process and talk it out over tequila.
  6. How much difference a year makes! Not saying we’re know-it-alls, but we certainly know a lot more than we did at Pre-Service Training. Our perspective has changes so much since first arriving in Mexico.
  7. Time to read a book is precious in this day and age. Sure our social lives aren’t all that fancy, but we have so much time to read! All our lives we have always wanted to be readers and Mexico has certainly gifted us with that lifestyle change.



I hope you enjoyed the old lessons learned from the lost archives! What are some life lessons that you have learned over this past year?


Be blessed,

Chelsea Elizabeth


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