B.A. in Marriage

Today is our 4th anniversary. If we were in university, we would have earned a B.A. in marriage by now! Some think it’s more of a science than an art, but I stand firm that love and marriage is always changing just like art. Over the years we’ve learned many things that keep our relationship new and yet consistent all at the same time. We have learned how to be independent and yet dependent on one another. Together we have grown closer to each other and our life vision has become more clear. We have rooted for one another, supported one another on tough days, and we have loved one another through it all. Marriage is not just about happiness, but about becoming a whole person.


A beautiful moment captured by Zach Hodgson


Marriage is about discovering anew your partner everyday. It is about loving and serving your partner, who also happens to be a fallible human like yourself. It is about humility and grace and being drawn to the One who created us all. Marriage is about choosing to love and be loved in your most ugly moments. Marriage is also about having FUN together! Even if you have different interests, having shared fun time together is so important.


We spent our 4th anniversary at Disneyland!


Here’s to a wonderful new year of marriage and an epic new year of life together. Bring it on, 2015!!


Happy New Year from Team Jander!



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