¡Hasta Luego, México!

See ya later, Mexico! 


And Hello Seattle!


November 1st marked our last day as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and it also marks the day we assume a new title of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Once you’re a Peace Corps Volunteer, you’re always a Peace Corps Volunteer. The story sticks with you, the memories will change you forever.


We committed twenty-seven months to living abroad. We dedicated twenty-seven months to all things Mexico. We devoted twenty-seven months to lovings others outrageously.


Mil gracias to all of the people that participated in this part of our journey, to all those that visited us in Mexico, to those that sent us letters and packages, to those new friends that journeyed with us, and to those that welcomed us warmly back into their lives as we adjust to life in the USA once again. We truly could not have gone through the last few years without all your support and love.


Now we begin a journey anew, one of rediscovery and settling in to our old skin as new people. We have changed significantly over the last few years – we still resemble our old selves and yet not at all. This is where reverse culture shock begins to set in, so please give us mercy and grace as we repatriate to US culture once again.


Ways you can support us during the repatriation process:

  1. Be extra communicative. If you want to see us or spend time with us, please let us know! If you expect something of us, please communicate that to us. If we’re breaking some serious US cultural norms, please tell us!
  2. Be sensitive when asking about what’s next. Coming back to the United States after being away for so long is a process in of itself. We are planning on becoming employed and settling in at some point. Right now we are considering repatriation our job as we get through the holidays.
  3. Send prayers and good vibes. It’s a long, hard process to come back and start all over again. Please pray for us and send us good vibes as we begin a new life and new adventure.
  4. Clue us in on pop culture references. Because really, being away for over two years really does a doozy on your ability to understand pop culture. Lists of good music, TV shows, or movies to watch is infinitely helpful.
  5. Invite us into your home. One of the big life lessons we learned in Mexico was the importance of seeing people in their homes. We want to visit you in your home, or at your work, or at your place of worship. We want to be intentional about this blank time that we have, and fill it up with relationship-building time.



Chelsea Beth


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