Lugares Hermosos: Cantona

One of the most interesting things about Mexico is the culture and history! Learning about the indigenous, pre-Hispanic culture has been one of my favorite parts of living in Mexico these past few years. There are so many archaeological sites, one has to wonder if even a mountain might have a pyramid beneath the vegetation.  We have seen pyramids all over Mexico: Palenque in Chiapas, Yohualichan in Cuetzalan, and of course Teotihuacan near Mexico City.

Cantona, however, is a very different archaeological zone in that only 10% of the zone has been studied and uncovered. This zone has less emphasis on pyramids and is almost completely devoted to city life. There are neighborhoods, streets, ball courts, and designated religious areas. Experts say that in the peak population, around 7,000 people lived in Cantona.

Having heard all the oohs and ahhs and you really must go‘s, we decided to make a trip out there when our dear friend Matt was in town. Although the trip was inexpensive, we had to take two buses and one combi to get there. It took 3 hours in total to walk around the uncovered area – never retracing our steps. We highly recommend this to anyone in or near the Puebla area!!

This beautiful lizard isn’t sure what to do with us.


Platforms where sleeping areas were constructed out of wood.


All smiles!


Walking down these pyramid steps takes a lot of concentration!


The site was so well preserved!


A little micro-forest blooms amidst a rock wall.


It’s almost as if the mountain caps off that pyramid!


Goofing around!


Don’t forget to mark your name on the agave on your way out!


Goodbye, Cantona!


Although the travel was arduous, it was truly a beautiful and interesting spot. If you have visitors in town who are up for an adventure, I highly recommend you take them to this site!



Chelsea Elizabeth


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