Ecuador: Vistas Bonitas

Part two of my Ecuador series (part one can be found here) entails highlighting some of the beautiful sceneries and views that inspired us during our trip!

This shot was taken from the bus as we headed into the Amazon – the road to adventure!


Breathtaking sunrise views from the hammocks on our porch.


Visiting the rainforest during the rainy season? No problem! That means full, swollen waterfalls!


Our lunch spot halfway through our white water rafting day!


Visiting this humming bird garden on the edge of the rainforest.


Colorful jackets amidst the natural colors of the Andes mountain range.


Alpacas and the beautiful Cotopaxi volcano taken from the grounds of the hostel.


Sunsets on one of the many beaches of Ecuador


Rooftop view of Quito


Strolling around in Quito – or France – or Italy!


Thanks for coming along with us on our adventure. We experienced so many amazing vistas, it was difficult to narrow it down!


Love from Mexico,



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