Nuevo Blog de Neal: Lost Axis GIS

Being invited to participate in Peace Corps Mexico meant that Neal and I would both be working with the SEMARNAT here in Puebla. When they received our resumes, they specifically requested Neal to come work with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in the Forestry and Environmental Impacts Departments. He has been working on a variety of projects for the departments, but he has also become a real specialist and expert in the GIS field. Using a blog format, he presents various ideas and tutorials on his GIS blog called Lost Axis GIS*.



Neal offers a lot of tutorials using ArcGIS and QGIS in two languages – English and Spanish! He records click by click how to run the different processes so you don’t get lost along the way. Here are some of his videos, which you can also check out (and subscribe!) on his Youtube channel. Check it out!




Keep it classy,

Chelsea Elizabeth


*Sponsor post*

DISCLAIMER: I received love, care, and affection for promoting this website.


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