Una Foto Famosa

Mexico is an phenomenal country; I have learned invaluable lessons about the culture, the people, and myself. When prompted by the infamous howapcvputsitgently tumblr to submit a photo that best captured the essence of your host country, I knew just what to submit…   1-P1100758

Resilience is a core skill. You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.” —Debora Spar


If you’re here because of the submission, welcome! Take a look around and learn more about the real Mexico. If you’ve never heard of the howapcvputsitgently tumblr, well you probably won’t find it all that hilarious unless you are a PCV yourself. Check out my submission here!


Abrazitos de Cholula,

Chelsea Beth


PS – There are in fact some new posts in the works, so don’t give up on me! Cheers!


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