¡Gracias por su Apoyo!

When we decided to join the Peace Corps, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. We each separately had our experiences living and visiting abroad, and the concept of becoming expats for two years was exhilarating. Throughout the journey of the Peace Corps process, we started telling friends and family little by little. We didn’t exactly know when or where we were going, but we were going somewhere at sometime! Our closest friends and family were always there to cross their fingers or send up a prayer when we had a deadline or interview come up. We went public with our news when we were already packing and preparing for Mexico. The decision to wait was due to our job situations at the time. Our last day in the United States, I blogged about ways to support us regardless of the distance. Let me just say…

Y’all have been so good to us!!!!


We had been getting so many letters and they were just getting piled in a corner. I had to create a makeshift cork board so we could appreciate the love everyday. I cannot even express the gratitude for all of the letters, packages, e-mails, skype calls, and post cards we have received during our time abroad. Thank you so much for taking the extra time to maintain a relationship with us regardless of the thousands of miles.


For the next year, here are some ways you can support us:

1. Come visit, seriously. Now is the time to plan a trip down south!

2. Continue to read our blog – and head over to Neal’s new GIS blog: Lost Axis GIS

3. Send us favorite recipes; they can be new favorites, old favorites, family favorites.

4. Share any book/music/pop culture recommendations you might have (…this includes youtube videos!)

5. Please continue to send us glorious, lovely letters, e-mails, packages, ect.


Lots of love from down south,



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