Lugares Hermosos: Cuetzalan

Cuetzalan, Puebla literally earns it’s name of a Puebla Magico.

There are seven significant waterfalls in the region…

…with incredibly diverse and beautiful vegetation…

…and plenty of butterflies depending on the season…

…and vendors that sell unique crafts made with local coffee and vaquito beans…

…and six different caves to explore…

…handmade, wood-fired, comal tortillas made with cariño…

…historic, old churches with pyramids peeking out…

…and of course the pyramids themselves.

We are totally captivated by this magical town; I mean, how could you not be? You can read about my friend, The Twigster, who recently took a trip here as well. Next time, we want to explore the coffee farms and more waterfalls! We are so lucky to have this little town just 3 hours from us!




3 thoughts on “Lugares Hermosos: Cuetzalan

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