Adventuras en Bici: Arte Urbano

We introduced you to our loves, Frank and Liz, our bikes awhile back. We ride our bikes on a daily basis – whether it’s to salsa class, the gym, or to a cool restaurant. Having our bikes takes the zing off of not having a car. It relieves the pressure and makes getting around so much more convenient. We learned which roads are best to travel on and how to navigate around buses. Thankfully, Cholula is a very bike-friendly town so we have no problem with safety whatsoever. Biking along the streets of Cholula, you see plenty of graffiti on houses and businesses. And then sometimes you see incredible art…



And of course we were headed to one of our favorite places in Cholula…


We’re so incredibly happy with our bikes! We got both bikes tuned this weekend and it cost us all of $7 USD. Talk about a cheap alternative to a car! I really love Mexico – and our bikes. I can’t wait to take them on more urban adventures!

Much love,


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