Desertificación y Cambio Climático

One thing Team Jander has always loved is TED Talks. If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, TED Talks originally started out as a non-profit in 1984 specifically covering Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Now, they are devoted to all ideas worth spreading including global initiatives. Their videos have dozens of language subtitles, which really makes these videos accessible to a large percentage of internet users. Below is an interesting and informative video about desertification, which is becoming a growing problem in Mexico. This video, like all videos available on the TED website, is to make you think for yourself. We enjoyed the thoughts expressed on this video and hope you enjoy it as well.



Love from down South,



2 thoughts on “Desertificación y Cambio Climático

  1. I watched 1/2 of this waiting to see baby boy Jaeger, very interesting, we studied this in Geography and Horticulture…topsoil is precious! AND I LOVE TED, TOO

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