El Volcán Popocatépetl

We introduced you to the lovely volcano in our backyard not too long ago. Unfortunately, we have only had two glimpses of the volcano in about two weeks as it has been covered by pollution and it’s own ash clouds. As I mention before, there is no immediate risk to small ash fall and plumes from the volcano. We are currently advised not to go running and to wear face masks when there is ash fall. The volcano has however been acting up and our current level of alert is at a yellow, third level. This raising of levels has made Mexican and American news; you can read more about it here or here. They have advised a 15 km buffer zone to keep residents safe; we are outside of that buffer zone.


Smoke billows from the Popocatepetl volcano in 2000, when it last had a major eruption.


Thankfully, Peace Corps Mexico has a thorough plan of action in case the danger level continues to rise. As regional Emergency Coordinator, I have connection with the Safety & Security officer who has reviewed the evacuation plan in great detail. You have no reason to worry about our safety! If you would like to keep up-to-date with the volcanic activity, you can check out the reports (in Spanish) on the CENAPRED website.


Upon preparation for the Peace Corps, we thought about all the potential challenges and differences that could come our way. Somehow, the whole possible volcanic eruption thing never crossed our minds. We are however more prepared than ever and even a little bit excited that an explosion might indeed occur. At the moment, we are living life as normal but with a presence of the volcano in the back of our mind. We are certainly learning to life in the shadow of Volcan Popo.


Much love from Mexico,

C & N


PS- In case you’re a romantic, you can read up on the legend of the two volcanos and the Nahuatl explanation for the occasional explosions.


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