Conoce a Carla Morrison

If you haven’t heard of Carla Morrison, give me the pleasure to introduce you to this rockin’ Mexican artist. Born in Baja California, her career really started to kick off 2009 upon release of he her self-titled EP album. She now lives in LA, California and is touring the world at 26 years old. Although her music is technically categorized as pop, I appreciate the tranquil tunes in a slower Spanish that I can actually understand. She’s got a good Ingrid Michaelson vibe going on. Anyway, I hope you enjoy her music as much as we do! Disfrute bien.



Since you’re now a huge fan, I have included a link where you can download her music. I mean seriously, how can you say no to those tunes?





PS – Because Chelsea is such a strange name here, people call me Yessie. If I want people to get my name right, I have to say como el equipo de Inglaterra (like the English soccer team) whenever I introduce myself. The light goes on in their brains and they immediately know how to pronounce my name. Then I tell them that I own the team and it’s named after me. They believe me; I tell them it’s a chiste. We all laugh; they get my name right and I make a new friend. Win-win!


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