Nuestra Vista de Popocatépetl

These are shots from our balcony of our favorite Volcano Popocatépetl, also known as Popo. It is an active volcano, but it apparently does not blow lava but lots and lots of ash. Sometimes it vents it’s steam, which is of no harm but allows for some really interesting and beautiful photos. Here is what the volcano looks like on a somewhat normal day:



And these are some of our more special photos from the past few months…






And one of our absolute favorites, caught at sunrise…




To keep up on the volcano, you can even view it live right here¡Disfruten todos!



Chelsea Beth


6 thoughts on “Nuestra Vista de Popocatépetl

  1. Wow – those are awesome! Is that one your favorite because it kind of resembles Rainier?! Miss you and hope you have a blast in Costa Rica! I’m so jealous. Tell Neal hi from us.
    xoxo – Katie

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