Paquete de Texas con Amor

We wanted to give a public shout out to our awesome family – the Cunningham’s – for sending this really, really wonderful care package. As you can see, we miss healthy snacks and I miss pampering. Sounds silly, but most snacks here are filled with either sugar, salt, or spicy spice – or a combination of all three. Now add the complication of gluten-free to the whole mix and you get one starving, grumpy chica. I am never, ever caught without at least one type of snack in my bag. I normally carry a few options, just in case. Plus, we don’t eat lunch here till 3 o’clock in the afternoon. This hungry girl has got to snack!




And for the pampering… well when you think about getting ready for a trip to Mexico, as a woman you probably want to get a pedicure since you’re going to be wearing your super fashionable sandals. Unfortunately, pedicure services are impossible to find as there seems to be some kind of anti-feet thing here. So when a girl can’t get her toes done, a facial is next on the list right?! (Males, if you’re still reading this paragraph you have a blessing to just skip to the end.) Too bad facials are also impossible to find, as well as massages. So what’s a girl to do?! That’s right… have her cousin ship down a DIY pampering kit. Oh wait, I guess the package did officially come from my not-even-two-year-old second cousin, Levi. He’s a talented kid, what can I say! See below for more examples of talent:




Thank you, Cunningham’s for an awesome, delicious, thoughtful surprise! We feel so loved!


Muchos Abrazos,

Chelsea Elizabeth


One thought on “Paquete de Texas con Amor

  1. Those Cunninghams…I’ll tell ya! Yes! So sweet, Yes! So thoughtful. I am about to partake of some of their Texas hospitality in 11 days and I am so excited to see their happy, excited faces!! Good for you, Chels, enjoy!

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