Nuestro Primero Visitante

Our first visitor but of course was none other than Mamma J! After a bit of a bumpy experience getting to the airport, we made it only a few minutes later than planned. Grabbed a cab home and Mamma J opened up her suitcase to reveal so many fun treats and gifts that were bought Stateside!


The 43 pounds of goodies from the States!


The next day, we headed to the open air market by our house to get some comida for the weekend. You all know that you can’t have a good meal without fresh ingredients.


Shopping at the open air market by our house


On our way to visit the pyramid in our town (which, by the way, is the largest pyramid in the whole world), we saw this group of paraders for Carnaval. Our host brother and tour guide told us the history of Carnaval which basically consists of white-faced masks to represent the Spanish and firing guns in the streets to scare them away. There were two days of parades and fireworks this weekend!


Even saw (and heard!) the Carnaval parade in Cholula


Before we made it to the pyramid, we decided to stop for a snack: grasshoppers! I have never eaten an insect before (at least not intentionally!) and it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Definitely tasted like I was chomping on a crunchy grasshopper. Our host brother, Eliel got a whole bag of them to snack on. I guess that’s one way to ensure your snack is sustainable…


Grasshoppers in a snack bag – yup, we ate them!


Then we headed into the pyramid with Eliel as our tour guide. During his time at University, he had an internship at the pyramid as an English tour guide (yes, his English is that perfect!). It was a great opportunity for us to ask him questions and details about how the pyramid was built. The tunnels were built by an archaeologist in search for gold, which apparently he never discovered!


Walked through the Cholula pyramid


I left with a better understanding of my pueblito and of the culture of the Choloollans before us. We also got to take some cute pictures on the pyramid as well. These steps were made in the last century to show what the pyramid looked like in it’s past life.


And on the outside as well!


And of course, it wouldn’t be a Mamma J visit without some really good food. So good that I am even willing to post a “just woke up and why are you taking photos of me so early in the morning” photo. It’s worth it – just look at those yummy potatoes!


And of course, at lots of yummy food!


It was a super quick trip, but I so loved having my mama in town. We had a great time! I hope this is some incentive for you to come visit us soon. Remember – June through September mark the “rainy season” for us, which basically means that it will rain every day and typically in the evening. That doesn’t mean that it will be cold though!!


Love from the sun,



PS – When my mom brought over all those yummy treats, I felt like I had to scavenge them all and save them for some special time in my life. Silly, I know. But maybe you’re saving something sacred like that too. I read this article and really reminded me that the present is a gift and to enjoy all things to it’s fullest. 


One thought on “Nuestro Primero Visitante

  1. Hi Bunny, we had so much fun! We made every second count, didn’t we??! Can’t wait to see you again, xxoo. Mamma

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