Cartas de Navidad

They say that Christmas for ex-pats can be sad, lonely and depressing. No so in México! We totally felt the love from everyone this year. Thank you so much for including us in your Christmas card rotation! At one point, the receptionist was receiving more Christmas cards than official SEMARNAT mail. We brought her cookies to show our appreciation and apology for the extra work. Receiving two or three cards on a regular basis not only brought me so much joy, but also did a lovely job of curing homesickness pangs.


Words cannot describe how thankful we are for your thoughtfulness (in random order!), the Stoddards, the Smiths, the Enmeiers, the Byks, Spencer & Jeanie Moore, Lindsey Taylor & Josh Frankland, Scot & Leslie Moore, Memo & Grandpa Jander, the Cunninghams, Richard & Andrea (Austin, too!) Jander, DJ & Melissa Jander, the Wimberleys, the Nelsons, Daddy-o & Angela Hodgson.


A double shout out to those who mailed (or mentioned!) something for our anniversary: Richard & Andrea (Austin, too!) Jander, Kristen Alexander, and the Schnells.


A triple shout out to our amiga, Lindsey Taylor who actually mailed us a Christmas package filled with delicious goodies to ease the homesickness! Thanks, LT! You made our week!!!


We love notes of encouragement, so thank you all for taking the time to include us. We feel very, very loved!


Much love from Mexico,




PS- If you weren’t in our shout out list and you know you sent us a Christmas card… it may still be in the mail. Or it might have gotten lost! Or you might have sent it to our old address in Querétaro. ¡Qué triste!

PPS – Hayley Byk, my little “sister” takes the cake for latest arriving Christmas card. Sent December 6th and received February 13th. Glad we at least received it before Valentine’s Day! (Runners up for this contest were DJ & Melissa Jander which arrived last week).


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