La Adventura por un Clave

In the United States, CB had a cell phone with AT&T that of course came with an AT&T SIM card.  When we moved to Mexico, we thought that we could just purchase a new SIM card from another cell phone provider and then proceed to use the phone like normal.  This as with many things in Mexico turned out to be a little more complicated than we thought.  We talked with so many people, watched so many YouTube videos, and almost spent actual dollars to buy the code. After some research, we realized it was not only free, but seriously easy to do! With a little help from my Dad back in the States, we were able to make this happen. In case you are curious, here are the steps we took to make the phone work for us…

  • You need your phone’s unique IME imei number of mobile phoneor IMEI# which you can find on the back of your phone under the battery it’s a 15 digit # to locate the code
  • You also need the make and model of the phone
  • Call the customer service line for your old service provider and tell them that you would like to unlock your phone.  There are some restrictions with this so you should check your phone contract to make sure that you qualify to make this happen.
  • Once you give customer service the information, then they should give you an unlock code
  • Put another non- AT&T SIM Card in your phone and turn it on
  • It will ask you if you want to unlock it, say yes
  • You will need to enter the unlock code twice in order to get it fully unlocked
  • Here is a video we watched for more info.
  • Once the phone is unlocked, head to a cell store and purchase a new SIM card.

Hopefully this saves you or someone you know from the trouble that we encounter to unlock our phone!


Current bug bites: 4

Days till Navidad: 13

High temp for today: 70 degrees F





One thought on “La Adventura por un Clave

  1. Well done, you guys! It’s amazing that this is still a process that we have to go through. This whole thing about cell phones being tied to a carrier seems a little silly to me in the curent global information age. I wonder how long it will be before we ditch ye olde phone number (and associated roaming and long distance fees) and just call one other via our EMI. The world is getting smaller every day and companies like AT&T and Telmex desperately need to catch up.

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