La Familia de Cuerpo de Paz

Becoming part of the Peace Corps family is no easy task. The application process alone is arduous containing endless questions and three essay questions. From there, there is an interview process. For us, our interview was three hours long. After that, our regional recruiter nominated us for Sub-Saharan Africa, therefore we began thinking about what life would be like for us to live in such conditions. Immediately after the nomination, we were asked to track down childhood doctors and record our entire medical history. This alone took us three months to complete all the blood work, tests, and examines that they requested. Once we submitted all of our medical history to Washington D.C., we received a phone call from the placement specialist wanting to know if we have any interest in a special placement in Mexico. Once she explained what a great fit it would be for us, we decided to go for it.This meant updating our resumes again and hoping that Peace Corps Mexico picked us for an interview. They did and we conducted our interview in the car during our lunch breaks. At this point, we just wanted to go somewhere and we heard from PCMexico only a few weeks later.


Once we knew when and where we were going, we announced to our jobs that we were leaving. We made a bucket list and began selling our possessions. We made plans with our financial advisor and found a place for all our things (Thanks DJ and Melissa!). All the meanwhile trying to shove as much Rosetta Stone’s Spanish program into our brains. Such an exhausting process! Then we did a quick roadtrip to California to see  all of my family. When we returned, we sold our car and packed our final bags for Mexico. Then we had a few more get-togethers with friends and family before we left the country.


In Mexico, we have spent  484 hours in training over the past 11 weeks with 21 other wonderful Peace Corps Mexico Trainees Volunteers. We have slept 76 nights in our host mom, Martha’s home, and have been to countless fiestas and celebrations to practice our Spanish. We have waited 17 months for the day of our swearing-in; November 13th marks the day that we officially have been welcomed in to the Peace Corps family. Here are some pictures from the day:


Team Jander as official Volunteers with Peace Corps Mexico!


Team Jander kickin’ it with the Ambassador

CB and her epic Spanish class – Albondigas!


Team Jander with Regina – our awesome Training Manager


CB is super stoked to meet Mr. Ambassador!


Now we are safely in Puebla where we will be living for the next two years. We are looking forward to getting to know a new city, but as you know changing cities has problems of it’s own. If you’d like our new address, please let us know!


Love from Puebla,

PS – Here’s a really great picture of our fancy Peace Corps pin from my friend Jessica’s blog.


2 thoughts on “La Familia de Cuerpo de Paz

  1. Glad to see you guys are having such fun. You both look like you are enjoying every minute of
    what you are doing which is very important. Kisses to both of you, Joanne and Roger

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