Cuando las Amebas Ataque

Being sick is difficult, but being sick in a foreign country is even more difficult. It’s true, I tell ya. Neal and I both were sick for about a week. Now we’re not just talking stuffy nose or achy body. I’m talking about serious illness. I wasn’t really able to keep anything inside my body for a full week. I lost about seven pounds during the four worst days of the illness. I even lost weight in my feet so that my shoes didn’t fit- now fancy that.

Turns our that we both had amoebas making us sick (which is easily curable with medicine), but it took us about two weeks to fully recover back to our normal selves. I’m not really sure how we got them, how long they had been living in us, or why we both got them at the exact same time. We are guessing it has something to do with water contamination. By now we have both fully recovered, so please don’t worry about us!


The best medicine was actually a care package Mama J had sent us – perfectly timed to arrive right when we were sick. It was such a blessing to be able to open up a box filled with such comforting and fun things! We loved relishing all the goodies and treats.

I couldn’t wait to open up the sacred Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Tea that she had so selflessly sent me. This tea is hands down my favorite tea of all time. I mean, who wouldn’t want to drink a candy cane?! I enjoyed my first cup of tea and I immediately had flashbacks of all my favorite places I had been while drinking this tea. Such an awesome and unexpected cure for homesickness! Some of my favorite memories that popped into my head:

  • Chatting and snuggling with Rae Rae just weeks before I was to e married. She’s the one that introduced me to this lovely tea and it will always remind me of her! The tea seriously helped me stay sane those last few stressful weeks. If you’re interested, check out Rae’s latest adventures here.
  • Neal and I sitting in a coffee shop as newly, newly weds – about 4 days after we were married. Somehow we had located this tea during our quick honeymoon in Palm Springs and enjoyed it together in the earliest days of our marriage.
  • After all the receptions, we settled into our first apartment together. It was a cold January and we we still unpacking boxes for what felt like the millionth day of doing so. We needed something to motivate us to actually transition our house into a home. We drank several cups of this tea while we were just beginning our life together.


We are wrapping up life here in Querétaro and taking tests in preparation for swearing-in. You bet your bottom dollar that we will be drinking that tea to comfort us in this crazy time.


Number of mosquito bites: 6

DAYS left of training: 4


Lots of love,



PS – If you bring us a box of this tea (or the name brand works too!) with you to Mexico when you come visit, we would be eternally grateful!!


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