Nuestra Viaje a Ciudad de Puebla

As some of you know, we had the chance to visit Puebla last week. We have been very busy with training, so I apologize for the late blog post. We had a marvelous time at Hotel Colonial de Puebla, as it’ is a 400 year old hotel that was built originally as a monastery. You can read more about the history here.


This is the church across the pedestrian street from our hotel!

The view from the church from a hotel window.

And of course a view from the church from the roof!

We also had the chance to visit our future works site and some current projects over at SEMARNAT…

Here I am in front of our future office: SEMARNAT Puebla

Enjoying a quick La Comida by the restoration project!

We also had some free time to explore Puebla…

Coolest Panaderia ever… So many tasty things for Neal to try!

A sign of what’s happening in Puebla – old and new mixing.

Beautiful plazas and buildings at every corner in the historical center.

Just the two of us!


We really liked what we saw of Puebla and are very excited to find a community all of our own when we return! We will be moving there in 5 short weeks. Can’t believe training is halfway over! We are trying to make the most of Spanish classes and asking lots of questions while we have the resources. We are starting to really feel the ache of missing our independence/freedom to do as we please. Please send us good vibes that we can finish training well and avoid getting frustrated when life feels overwhelming.


Weeks of training left: 5

Current mosquito bites: 2 (dry season is here, but somehow they know how to find me!)



Chelsea Beth


One thought on “Nuestra Viaje a Ciudad de Puebla

  1. Wow, it sounds like you two are really getting a taste of Mexico! I am so appreciating your updates.

    Grandma O

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