Future Site Announcement

Getting into the Peace Corps is a very unique and difficult process. First you have applications, medical surveys and essays to complete. Then if they like what they see they call you for in-person interviews; the actual interviews themselves can take about 3-4 hours. After that, the regional Peace Corps office nominates you for a position if they would like to move you forward or not. Then, your whole file gets sent to the national Peace Corps office in Washington DC. From there, they send you a medical file request, which means that you pretty much need to complete your entire medical life story for them. This includes tracking down childhood doctors and getting thoroughly examined head-to-toe. If you receive medical clearance, then your file will be sent to the placement specialist.

Now this is where PC Mexico differs from the rest of the programs – the placement specialist called us to ask if we might be interested in pursuing a different track with the Peace Corps. She explained PC Mexico and we were thrilled to be considered for such a special placement. We had our bios and resumes sent to Mexico to see if they would be interested in interviewing us. The staff here wanted to interview us, so we set up a time to do so. The interview with PC Mexico staff was about an hour long. After that, they sent our resumes and bios to all the counterpart agencies here in Mexico. From there, if one of the host agencies wanted us then we would be asked to come to Mexico. If not, then we’d be put back in the pool for placements in Washington DC.

We got the call about two weeks after our interview stating that we were invited to come to Peace Corps Mexico! We were super happy about our placement, especially knowing that Neal would be doing some actual environmental work with the Mexican government. Since we were selected by a specific government agency, we already had our future site (the place we move to after training) all lined up. This is a very unique aspect of PC Mexico because most other trainees have to wait to the end of training to hear where they’re moving. For us, they told us the first week! Even better is that we get to visit our future site this week! Without further ado, I announce that we’ll be moving to…



Puebla Zocalo at Night

Government Building In Puebla

Caminando y disfrutando....en el zócalo de Puebla

We will update next week with some photos of our trip to Puebla, Puebla. We will be there for 4 very short days visiting our future office, future host family, and our future life! We are excited to test out our Spanish skills during our trip. For those who want more info on Puebla, check out the wikipedia article.

Con abrazos y besos,



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