Los Días de la Independencia

Let me just tell you that we successfully survived el Dia de la Independencia! There were a few moments that were touch and go there, but we made it! Here is a quick peak into our celebrations…

Random concerts in the plaza close to our house!

Reenactments of how the fight for independence began – mind you the fight lasted ten years.

We had to dress muy mexicano one day at the PC office

A HUGE indigenous celebration at el Templo de la Cruz

The WHOLE family gathered together to eat enchiladas and drink tequila!

¡Viva México!

It was a solid four days of partying and celebrating all things Mexican. We are so enjoying our time here and feel very lucky to be able to be here in Mexico with the Peace Corps. Everything we need is right here; we have great support from fellow Trainees and PC staff. Also, a BIG thank you to those that have sent letters or packages! We so appreciate hearing from you. Please send us an e-mail with updates on your life – we miss hearing from everybody! Skype is also readily available in case anyone would like to set up a time to chat via skype.

Well – so much for the “more often updates”! This past week has been absolutely crazy busy with Spanish class. This week alone we have had 20 hours of formal Spanish class; that does not include the times that we talk with our host mom or ask for directions or do anything normal outside of our casita. We are doing a lot of traveling next week, but hope to update you soon on locations!

Muchas amor,

Chelsea Beth


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