Discovering the “Hipster District”

I am going to try a new system for writing blogs because a lot can happen in a week! I will try to write smaller blogs more frequently to help keep everyone connected on a more regular basis.

First, I will catch you up to speed on our grand adventure on Saturday. Neal and I had Spanish class on Saturday until 1:30 in the afternoon; being in school on a Saturday is always a burden, but to have four hours of just Spanish is a little much. Nevertheless, we were so relieved to leave class on Saturday and ready for some exploration/adventure. We have been given the mission to find traditional clothing for El Dia de la Indepencia, so we stopped by the huge open air market on our way home. We didn’t find anything all that great, so we went home for La Comida (lunch/largest meal of the day) with our host mom.

After La Comida, Neal and I went for a walk (btw, we walk every where now) to keep us awake. We decided to walk into town on a different road than normal, which to our surprise was a total jackpot! Right on the corner, unbeknownst to us was a coffee shop – with real coffee. Up to this moment, we have been drinking instant coffee like the locals do. We had pretty much given up on real, robust, flavorful coffee. Alas, a cappuchinno is only $20 – which is the equivalent to $1.50 USD. No “FiveBucks” here! Even better is that they sell the coffee by the kilogram and the PC office has a coffee pot we can use. Huzzah to the end of the instant coffee dictatorship!

After much excitement at the coffee shop, we keep walking along this road to discover completely normal looking bars. In particular this means that there is no karaoke blaring out of the bars, which seems to be a popular trend here in QRO. We kept walking on this calle (street) to discover some amazing restaurants and what looks like to be the Hispter District. There was this one restaurant with a over sized vintage bike outside; another had a vintage Elvis in the restaurant.

Our favorite though is a place that had “Hola, Mi Nombre es Kong” inscribed on the front of the restaurant. The name is Tako Kong and inside it has whole walls filled with gorilla street art. We ended up eating there for dinner among the hipsters of QRO. Next time we go, we are definitely ordering Dr. Pepper floats (yes, you read that right) and taking photos as evidence. The food was good – I had some takos with nopals & Neal had stir fry. They also had edamamae with lime and chili sauce on it that I want to try next time. Can’t wait to go back – we plan on bringing some PC friends there this weekend.

Other discoveries include:  this handmade store called “Hecho a mano y mas” that had all this amazing jewelry and handmade (!) clothes; and the annual nature expo which connected us with some businesses and locals who are like minded.

All in all, it was a much needed discovery to find our place here in QRO. We are starting to feel settled and these discoveries showed us that we have a home here. We are planning on making friends with some locals once our Spanish is a little better – our first targets are the couple that own a bee business here in town called Abeja Blu.

Love from QRO,


PS- What are some questions you have about us, Mexico, Peace Corps, ect? We would love to answer them in our next post.


One thought on “Discovering the “Hipster District”

  1. I would like to know more about who you see everyday, who they are, why they picked PC. What’s the road like where you walk? And Dia de Indepencia pics too! Like what’s traditional costume??

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