Nuestra La Hacendita y Vida

We can’t believe we have been with our host mama for only a few days – it feels like we have been here for a very long time. I imagine it will be very difficult to leave once we are sworn-in and ready for service. Our mama (Martha) has given us “la hacendita” to make our home for the next three months. It is a beautiful little place for us to make home while we are adjusting to the Mexican lifestyle – perfect for winding down after a very busy and full day.


The training schedule is very arduous and difficult. There is a lot of information to convey and a lot of Spanish to learn. Neal and I have been studying the dictionaries every day to improve our Spanish. Although many people know English here, they are instructed to speak to us only in Spanish. This means that lectures are in Spanish, conversations with our host mom are in Spanish, and lunch breaks (la comida) are only in Spanish. Neal and I have been encouraged to speak only Spanish to each other too. We’re not quite ready for that – but maybe when we move to post.


Our mama has hosted many volunteers and students over the past years. She knows exactly how to help us learn Spanish quickly. She also cooks well, which is a total blessing. We are very thankful for her. She has 5 children and has lived in the same house for 35 years. She has 11 grandbabies. We will certainly meet them in the coming weeks for a Mexican holiday Día de la Independencia on the 16th of September.


Current mosquito bites: 15

Weeks of training left: 11


Con Amor,



2 thoughts on “Nuestra La Hacendita y Vida

  1. You and Neil are so AMAZING!!! Learning a new language must be super frustrating at times, but both of you have strong wills and lots of resiliency. It will be awesome when you can officially say you are bilingual!!! What an amazing journey you two are on!

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