¡Adios ‘Merica!

Last night in the USA and we enjoyed the comforts of home one last time. Sushi, plum wine and sapporos for dinner; frozen yogurt for dessert. We are about to head to bed to prepare for the long journey ahead, although I’m pretty sure even sleep can prepare us for what is about to come to fruition. We are in shock that we are actually leaving the United States of America tomorrow.


Here are some ways you can support us:

1. Please under no circumstances suggest, offer, joke, or hint that we should “just quit and come home.”

2. Write us letters or e-mails of encouragement. (Definitely needed these first few months – let me know if you need the address.)

3. Pray for us and send your blessings/love regularly.

4. Let us know how you are doing. It will be difficult to talk about us all the time.

5. Send Neal news articles that you think he would enjoy reading or may miss in absence of regular wi-fi.

6. If we call/e-mail to vent, please do not try to fix the problem. If you can, please remind us of why we are here or something good that has happened to us in the past month or so.


Love from DC,



PS – Also, this song is on repeat: http://youtu.be/avYxiIRG4xQ

PPS – We are in good hands, please don’t worry about us!


5 thoughts on “¡Adios ‘Merica!

  1. Ahhhh love this. Can’t believe you guys are (finally) starting on your grand adventure.Thinking and praying for you. Te amo amigos.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you’re finally out of here! I’m so proud of you guys. You’ll certainly be in my prayers and I’d love to have the address of where you will be staying.

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