Moving to Mexico: This Ain’t Goodbye

We’re sitting in the kitchen past midnight waiting for the tamales to finish steaming. One last party, one last session of goodbyes and we are out of here. Come Monday morning we will be on our Peace Corps adventure – together, just the two of us. Life has been so overwhelming up to this point that I haven’t taken a moment to realize the grandeur of what we’re about to do. The journey ahead is so grand, but the embarking on such a journey is one of bittersweet steps.


When you leave your old life to embark on a new one, you have the joyous opportunity to see so many loved ones. These loved ones have shaped you and loved you and cared for you through thick and thin. It’s not goodbye – it’s just “I’ll see ya later” type of goodbye. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. But to be honest I’m not sure who I will be when I return from the Peace Corps and I know for certain that not all things will be the same when I come back. So in a way, this is goodbye. A goodbye to the life I have now. Adios to clean faucet water; adios to alone time; adios to english; adios to my support system. Adios to life as I know it. But not goodbye forever.


Please send your blessings and good thoughts our way on Monday morning. We will be in Washington DC till August 29th and then flying to Mexico with our team (whom we have yet to meet). We are meeting and staying with our host family beginning August 30th. We will be with our host family until we are sworn in – which will occur in November. I’ll update the blog once I locate some wi-fi in Mexico.


I’ve prepared some music that have been important for me in this whole process – enjoy!





Love from Woodinville,

Chelsea Beth


3 thoughts on “Moving to Mexico: This Ain’t Goodbye

  1. My husband Paul and I moved to Mexico five years ago, and I’ve been blogging, too. We have traveled throughout Mexico and have no intention of ever moving back! We lived most of our adult lives in Seattle.

    I am curious where you’re going to be living – and I look forward to reading along on your new adventure.

  2. Well, baby sister, you’re going to be missed. Nevertheless, I am so excited to see what God does through you and in you during this time. Can’t wait to see you when you get home! I’m so proud of you.

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