Moving to Mexico: Recap of Last Week

Most apologies for the lack of blogging as of late. Last week was a total whirlwind to put it lightly…

  • Wednesday — I went white-water rafting (for the first time!) with my Amazon team. We had a great time and I can’t wait to do it again. The sun was out and it was a perfect day to have as a lasting memory with my colleagues.
  • Thursday — Chelsea’s colleagues host a going-away lunch in her honor at the most awesome lunch spot, Lunchbox Laboratory. Neal has a going away party at our local dive bar, Twilight Exit, with his work colleagues. He planned to be home at 7:30pm but returned at 9:30pm instead. A good time was had by all to say the least.
  • Friday — Last day of “work” for the foreseeable future.  We felt as though we were honorably discharged from our jobs as we both had so many well wishes from our companies. We definitely left on the best terms as we could. We are so thankful for the opportunities that we have had career-wise up to this point.
  • Saturday — Newlywed Community Group friend hike to Independence Lake and beyond near Mountain Loop Highway. Baby Stella was awake for most of the time to the dismay of her parents, but to the joy of the rest of the group. We had a great time and feel so blessed by our friends!
  • Sunday — Packing, packing, packing, party. We worked all day and then had so many friends swing by our place for our first of many “Fiesta de Buen Viaje.” Good food, good friends, and lots of freebies that were offloaded given away. Thanks to everybody that helped us downsize! 🙂
  • Monday — More packing, packing, packing. We rented a truck for the first time to move our belongings. We felt like such grown-ups! Pretty much everything we owned was packed up in the 10′ truck. We feel very accomplished that we could downsize that much! The day ended with a glass of wine with our landlords/friends.
  • Tuesday — Packing, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Woke up in our house for the last time, returned the truck, and walked to breakfast at Hi-Spot Cafe. We split the Mexi-Fries (they gave us stamina to work through lunch and CLEAN the whole house). Beer, wine, and a whole pint of Phish Food was consumed to keep our spirits up as we battled the endless grunge. We seriously didn’t realize how dirty everything was until all of our belongings were out. Yikes! No worries – we worked hard to get the full deposit back. Handed in our keys and said good-bye to our first home as a married couple.


We still have one full day of shlepping our belongings around. We are going to be SO thankful to be done with it all. Even though we haven’t been at work for four days, it sure feels a lot harder than work. Today is August 1st — which means that our days in the States are definitely dwindling. Check out that countdown widget on the right – my how time flies! Time to start checking off items on the Bucket List!


Special thanks to all those that have helped us in this process with kind words and good thoughts! Could not do this without you all.


Love from Woodinville,

CB Jander


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