Moving to Mexico: The Bucket List


Update on packing… We packed our first box this weekend and we realized that we need to sell some items on Craigslist. Neal is a CL machine and doing great at managing the bidders. Here are some CL ads for those in the Seattle area:

We’ve also had quite a few requests from people to hear about our “Bucket List” before we move. We know that they most likely won’t all happen before we go – there just isn’t enough time!  Please e-mail/text/Facebook/comment below/call us if you want to partake in any of these adventures with us:

  • Sport climbing on real rock
  • Visit SPU
  • Trail running at Discovery Park
  • Bubble Tea on the Ave
  • Run the Crown of Queen Anne
  • Summer BBQ with slackline
  • Visit Pike Place
  • Local farmer’s markets
  • Sailing/boating
  • Outdoor movie
  • Wine Tasting
  • Sounder’s game

Among packing and traveling, there are plenty of fun to be had. Can’t wait to mark off our bucket list with y’all!

Love from sunny Seattle,



3 thoughts on “Moving to Mexico: The Bucket List

  1. Knowing you two you can get that all done in a weekend! Wish I could join you. Make an OC bucket list.

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