The Exit Strategy

Hello all,

An exit strategy is important, especially when you are moving out of the country. Team Jander has finally finished revising our plan for moving to Mexico. To help, we are going to do this Q&A style.

1. Can you take all your stuff with you?

No – we cannot, so we will be hosting a going away party at our home in Seattle where everyone gets to go home with something. This is an everything must go kind of deal, which includes books, furniture, kitchenware, blankets, sheets, ect. We will be either taking donations or asking people to host certain items for the 2 years that we are gone. Everything else that we want to hold on to will lovingly be housed at dad-in-law’s home.

2. How much longer will you be in Seattle?

We’re actually moving out of our home in Seattle at the end of July. If you’d like to spend time helping us pack up our life, we would appreciate an extra set of hands. We will be moving into Neal’s parents house for the month of August to save on rent in preparation for Mexico. We’ll be around the month of August, but our comings and goings will be less predictable. We leave for the Peace Corps on August 27th.

3. Are you coming down to Southern California before leaving the States?

Yes, we are! Dates TBD, but mark your calendar for August 18th for our Southern California Fiesta de Buen Viaje! Unfortunately, we are not going to have much time to individually see people. If possible, please come to one of our going-away parties (see next question). 

4. When can I/we spend time with you?

Great question! We’d love to have you come to one of our fiestas de buen viaje (Bon Voyage Party in spanish). Seattle – July 29th from

2-8pm  //  Southern California – August 18th from 4-10pm  //  Woodinville – August 25th, time TBD.

5. What are you going to do with your car?

Everything must go! Selling it on Craigslist.

6. Do you know Spanish?

No – but we’re learning! We have been spending our time on Rosetta Stone and attempting to get a clear grasp of the language before we get down there. It is time consuming and certainly feels silly to talk to a computer, but it IS helping!

7. How are we going to keep up with all your adventures?

Well, we do have this nifty blog right here. I’d recommend subscribing via e-mail so you don’t miss a post. (There’s a nifty button on the right in which you can do so right now!) I also created this poll for you to fill out so we can know how you all would be interested in receiving updates: 


As of right now, I can safely speak for the both of us when I say that it is a little bit overwhelming to think that July is here already and our time in the States is dwindling. We are trying to make every day filled with intention, but it is so difficult when there are so many books to read, spanish lessons to accomplish, boxes to pack, and people to see.


Prayers for us during this transition would be super wonderful!


Love from Seattle,



One thought on “The Exit Strategy

  1. So excited for you both! Thanks for planning time for everyone to get together and celebrate and enjoy your in-person company. Let me know when you need help packing 🙂

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