Moving to Mexico: The Announcement

Hey all,

As some of you have heard, Team Jander is moving to Central Mexico for the Peace Corps. We will be leaving the West Coast on August 27th and heading to Washington DC for a few days. There we will be meeting our fellow Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and receiving final paperwork before heading to Mexico. I believe we will be flying into Mexico City and heading to Querétaro. We will be living in Querétaro for three months with a host family. From what we understand, training consists mostly of language intenstive class six days a week. I’m a good student and all, but six days of the week?! Sheesh. 

If you’re wondering where exactly Querétaro is, you should click on the map. It will take you to a Google Map so you can zoom in and out as you please! Believe it or not, but Querétaro is actually a good thirty-six hour drive from the California border.


Querétaro seems like a very interesting city with an abundance of culture that I’m not really accustommed to. I mean, the city was founded in 1531 by the Spainards and the area was settled by the Mestizos around 200 C.E. Nosh on that for a moment! Not only will there be Spanish to learn, but rich Mexican culture to soak up. There are so many places to see – I know it will be an extremely busy three months in  Querétaro. 

 We will most likely experience crazy futbol games,  Lucha Libres (wrestling), and bullfighting. We will most likely eat crazy food, delicious street tacos, and lots of fresh produce. We will most likely be taking fun field trips, climbing adventures, and exotic vacations. There are so many things to look forward to! 

After getting sworn-in, we will most likely be moved to another part of Central Mexico where we will begin working/volunteering in the Ministry Environment. Neal will be working as a GIS Specialist, which is similar to what he is doing now at the Snoqualmie Tribe. I, on the other hand, am  taking the first lady approach. They told me that they would announce my position once I got to the country. After two years of AmeriCorps, I am not really worried about it and taking things at a daily pace.

What are your questions? We’d love to answer them for you!

Abrazos y Besos,



3 thoughts on “Moving to Mexico: The Announcement

  1. So happy for you both! Please try to blog your adventures! Can’t wait to hear all the details of your new house! Love you both!
    B, J, & L

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