Weekly Update: The Pallet Man

Hello all,


We are officially in February which means N & I are busy writing Thank You cards for all the amazing gifts we received for our wedding! Expect yours in the mail soon. We’ve been knocking them out like invasive species! (That one was for Neal).


While wedding photos are being edited, Neal and I have been busy nesting away. Unfortunately, the house has not changed much since my last blog. Thankfully though, our lovely friends have loaned us a couch that magically fits in our doorway while we work on our pallet couch. It’s so nice to have a place to rest that isn’t at the kitchen table.  We have also adorned a lovely stowaway office–an office armoire! It has yet to be utilized to it’s full potential, but we finally have a place to store our computers when they are resting. Yippee!


Here’s a funny story about our pallet couches: Neal sweetly informed me that there are different types of pallets–flimsy ones and sturdy ones. He told me that we couldn’t just get the free pallets off Craigslist because they were the “flimsy” ones. Hrmph. The search for “sturdy” pallets is nay impossible… that is unless you live next door to The Pallet Man! We have a neighbor who always has pallets in the back of his beat up truck. We named him The Pallet Man after we realized he lives in our neighborhood.


Walking up to our steps one night, a neighbor with a funny looking dog walks by. We ask him about The Pallet Man. “Oh Mista Amos?” Yes, Mister Amos. He showed us where he lives and shared with us what The Pallet Man does. Neal drops a note by the next day asking if he has access to any “sturdy” pallets. The Pallet Man calls back and lets him know that he is on the search for us and will be going to the pallet yard this week. (There’s a pallet yard?!) We are so thankful for our own pallet professional in our backyard. We’re one step closer to our pallet couches!


Love from Madrona,



2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: The Pallet Man

  1. Yay for “Pallet Man” 🙂 and for wedding gifts 😉 and who knew married life could be sooo good to ya eh? 🙂 miss ya!

  2. Chelsea, I’m so pumped that you’re doing a pallet couch! I thought of doing one for my basement because we couldn’t fit much more than an oversized chair through the door. Just be careful that the pallets you use are chemical-free. A lot of pallets get treated to withstand weather damage, but putting them in small spaces might be harmful. Something to consider when getting them from the pallet man :).

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