Team Jander Alive and Well

Hello all,

It’s been awhile. I bet you all thought we would be gone for good, huh? Well, not in the slightest. The wedding was a HUGE success; our adventures have begun! We are busy settling into our home in Central Seattle, battling sick cars and overflowing recycling bins. Empty boxes are now moving our of our home at a snail’s pace. Only a few left!

With a slim furniture budget and a slim entryway to our apartment, N and I have decided to DIY some pieces. First, is a couch. After visiting our family in Bellingham, we realized how much we missed having a couch. Have you ever heard of DIYing a couch?! We hadn’t either. Until this:

Ana White’s Storage Sofa

Ashley’s Pallet Daybed

So what if we (or perhaps, I) have minimal woodworking skills?! It doesn’t look THAT hard, right? Ana’s design looks so clean and modern. The pallet daybed has this antique grundge look to it. I’m diggin’ it for sure. N and I don’t need stuffy furniture. I think we could make it work, for sure.

Once we have our couch assembled, you all will be invited over for a housewarming party!  Until then, please excuse us as we nest! I vow to get wedding details and DIYs up before our first anniversary! (:

Lots of love, CBJ


2 thoughts on “Team Jander Alive and Well

  1. Yay! That Ana White design is perfecto! 🙂 wish we could see the finished product, sooner rather than later but Amanie and I will most definitely have to come up and see your new little love nest! missing you mucho from sunny so cal! 🙂 love love love!

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