Weekly Update: Wedding Website

Wooohooo!! Our wedding website is officially up and raring to go! Once we send out our invitations, people can start RSVPing online. I’m SO excited to have spreadsheets of people’s RSVPs rather than cards coming in the mail (although, of course it IS fun to get all those cards in the mail). But this website & our blog is truly the best way for people to get connected to our wedding efforts and such.


We are feeling totally energized by the fact we made a H-U-G-E to-do list for the next TWO months. Energized and empowered… at least that’s how we’re feeling at the moment. It’s going to take some serious group effort to get there, but it’s all going to work out… I just know it!!


Other news: Russell and Noelle return from their honeymoon today!! Three weeks honeymooning around Europe! Woohoo!!

Other, other news: Me and my closest girls are flying to Southern California for the weekend! They are accompanying me to SoCal for some sunshine and fun. My aunties & cousins are throwing me a shower and I am SOOOO excited!!! (Lots of pictures next week, I promise!)


Life is beautiful!!! And don’t forget to check out our wedding website at www.teamjander.com!!


Love from Crunchy-Leaves-Seattle,



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