Weekly Update: Registry is Complete!

Hello, hello!


We officially finished our registry. *Whew* If you’ve ever been married, you know what a feat that is!!! It took Neal and I many, many hours to make decisions about our new home. Totally worth the work because we had a TOTAL BLAST making decisions about our future home together!!! (: We have everything from kitchen gadgets to bedding to power cords on our registry. We’re pretty sure we didn’t overlook anything, but maybe we did… I guess we will have to just wait until we unpack all our things together.


For the record, Neal kept saying, “Why are we putting these things on our registry? It only costs $10/$15/$20…” I kept telling him that those things seriously start adding up when starting a home/family/life together. Hopefully he understands it once we start unpacking and we realize we lack a certain rug/curtain/lamp for our place of living.


Anyway, we also went house hunting this weekend, bought my wedding band (!), ordered our paper, finalized our invitation design, created our budget, tried on wedding attire (for NJ at least, mine is at the tailors!), laughed, smiled, and cried some. I’ve been sick now for 4 days and it’s driving me crazy. The weekend was nice and relaxing since Neal was here to keep my sick  body company all day and night. But now that it’s Monday, I watched the entire second season of Full House. Full House?! Yes, Full House. I hope I can go to work tomorrow cause I can’t stand being sick for one more day!


Uhm, yes. Back to the weekly update… Our registry is complete!!!! Feel free to take a look and let me know if I forgot anything! (:



Hugs from the sick one, ChelseaB


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