The Mass Jar Collection

Aye, Aye, Aye! Hokay, so I hope you have all been collecting jars for Neal and I. Seattle people, we’re going to start collecting, cleaning, and counting the jars you have collected over the past few months. Only have a few? That’s okay! Have boxes and boxes? That’s okay too! Have none at all? Not okay! 🙂 Keep collecting over the next few months and we may forgive you… Just kidding!


Anyway, let us know how we can get the jars from you. We will hug you for all your hard work. Just connect up with us via e-mail, text, call, Facebook, etc. THANK YOU!!!


We also have another request for HELP. And it also includes glass! We are planning on stashing water on the tables, but buying 30 glass bottles for one day seems rather wasteful, doesn’t it?! Here is where you come in… We are looking to collect 30 CLEAR glass bottles like these:

La Madre says that these bottles are Tejava bottles or any beverages from Trader Joe’s. I’m sure any clear glass bottles will do, though! Thank you so much for helping out. You all are simply amazing!!!


x’s and o’s,

Chelsea Beth


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