Weekly Update: Jander Wedding!

Weekly update: Russell and Noelle are officially married! The two tied the knot on October 9th, 2010 at 5pm. Neal was in the wedding party — he did LOTS of work for the wedding. I did the flowers for the ceremony and such. We both had a FANTASTIC time with the Jander/Moore crew this past weekend. A big thank you to all the Texas family for coming out. I had such a great time getting to make some memories with y’all!

Between bachelor parties, bridal showers, work parties, wedding festivities, family time and clean-up — we’ve had no real time for our own wedding planning. It’s all coming together as the bigger pieces are finalized. We have places to party, food to eat, and things to eat the food off of. Oh… and we have music for dancing. The details are, well, I would say falling into place… but that would infer that they are happening on their own. So I rephrase… the details are getting pushed into place, which is so exciting!

Here are a few pictures from Russell and Noelle’s beautiful wedding!

So excited that the Jander clan is one step closer to final formation!! And SO excited to have a a girl in the family… FINALLY! Congrats, you two. Have an amazing honeymoon traveling all through Europe! We love you both so much!

Cheers, CB


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