Weekly Update: California Trip

Hello, Hello.

As some of you may have been aware, I was in California last weekend getting some things done. My mom and I planned every hour out — being super efficient! We had a lot of fun too, don’t get me wrong. It was just a lot of work! Also, I would like to add that it was 110 degrees!! Here are a few things we accomplished that weekend…

We mixed:

Got muddy, and rolled flower seed bombs:

The next day we stamped:

And folded napkins:

And partied with the birthday girl:

Monday was spent in Ojai with my dear friend, Laura. We looked at the ceremony site and visited with the caterer. We picked out place settings and ate some dinner. We were pooped, but decided to go shopping at Nordie Rack! We bought some very fun things. (:

Tuesday was spent around the OC, trying to get some last minute things tied up. Met with the DJ and my dear (married!) friend Caitlin. Got a massage! Yippeee. Ran some other errands and tried to relax with Mommy Dearest! Then to the airport for my standby flight home.

Such an exhausting, but productive weekend. A special thanks goes out to Kristen, Hayley, Mariah, Aunt Jeany, Cousin Rachel, Angela, Dad, Sherman, Kristen (again!), Laura, Caitlin, and of course… La Madre! I couldn’t have done it without all your help!!

And a shout out to my future husband who worked the entire weekend in Bothell, helping his dad clean out and organize the attic!!! Woohoo! ❤

So much love,



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