Weekly Update: Registry and Invites

This week was very busy… with work, wedding things, and our wonderful family. Work has been busy with training new volunteers. Working 50-60 hours a week is not conducive to having a life outside of work. Wedding things have been keeping us busy, not only are we advancing on wedding plans, but also making important decisions on our life together. And family. You see, Neal’s brother (Russell) is getting married in a few weeks. Russell and Noelle (his bride!) came down from Bellingham this weekend because Neal’s dad was preaching the sermon that weekend. I also threw Noelle a shower last weekend! Like I said, busy…

Alright, so here’s an update on invitations! We met with Zach about a month ago for our initial consultation. He listening to our ideas and to the things we did not like. He came back with a sample and then we decided to go in a different direction. This new direction is the right direction. Hooray!! We’re just working on the fine tuning of it all and hoping to get them out in a few weeks. We have the rest of our ideas down, now it’s just about getting our design elements on the rest of those ideas. I am so excited to see the finished product!!

Secondly, we finally got our registry up and running! After a lot of thought, we decided to register through New American Dream at their Alternative Gift Registry. Basically, instead of having a registry with one company, we are asking that you be the bargain shopper and buy what you like! Take for example an iron. We need an iron to do it’s basic functions. We do not care what brand we get, as long as it takes the wrinkles out of things! So, if you choose to give us this gift… you could buy whatever brand, style, functions you wanted–as long as it gets the wrinkles out! You could even get us a nice second hand one and we would be happy! On the other hand, there are some specific things that we want… like our dishes! We really love the turquoise Fiestaware dishes. You can buy the sets pretty much anywhere–Macy’s, Kohl’s, even Amazon.com! You can buy our turquoise dishes at any one of those places and you can get the best deal! On the other hand, Lastly, we are asking for some second-hand items. Nothing fancy, just as long as it works. We are really excited about it. Check out our registry here: www.alternativegiftregistry.org

Those are my updates for now! Happy first day of Fall. Seattle is sure ready for it! Have a fantastic Wednesday. And make sure to smile. The weekend is almost here!!!

Love from Seattle,



4 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Registry and Invites

  1. Hi Shug-

    Love the registry…you’re not done, tho-right? Also You say in your blog tourquoise but on the registry it says cobalt, is this right? Mixing colors?

    kisses, seeya Saturday

  2. This might be super late, but I was at Macy’s a couple of weeks ago and Fiestaware was buy 1 get 1 free! It was amazing! I got a turquoise and yellow bowl. I heart Fiestaware.

    • I heart Fiestaware too!! All the colors are just so fun. I bet they will go on sale again for the holidays — just a guess though! My mom actually bought me a few bowls as well. (:

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